Cloud Security LIVE 2023

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  • Image for Phil Venables

    Phil Venables


    Google Cloud

  • Image for Troy Hunt

    Troy Hunt

    Founder and CEO, Have I Been Pwned

    Regional Director & MVP, Microsoft

  • Image for Paul Vixie

    Paul Vixie


    Amazon Web Services

  • Image for Omer Singer

    Omer Singer

    Head of Cybersecurity Strategy


  • Image for Rich Friedberg

    Rich Friedberg


    Live Oak Bank

  • Image for Justin Somaini

    Justin Somaini

    Chief Security Officer

    Unity Technologies

  • Image for Gil Geron

    Gil Geron

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Orca Security

  • Image for Avi Shua

    Avi Shua

    Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder

    Orca Security

  • Image for Deborah Galea

    Deborah Galea

    Director of Product Marketing

    Orca Security

  • Image for Andy Ellis

    Andy Ellis

    Advisory CISO

    Orca Security

  • Image for Bar Kaduri

    Bar Kaduri

    Threat Research Team Lead

    Orca Security

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