Cloud Security LIVE 2022

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  • Image for Keith Mokris

    Keith Mokris

    VP, Cloud Security Evangelism

    Orca Security

  • Image for Erkang Zheng

    Erkang Zheng

    CEO & Founder


  • Image for Alicja Cade

    Alicja Cade

    Director, Financial Services, Office of the CISO

    Google Cloud

  • Image for Yoav Alon

    Yoav Alon

    Chief Technology Officer

    Orca Security

  • Image for Brian Krebs

    Brian Krebs

    Leading Cybercrime Journalist and New York Times Bestselling Author of “Spam Nation”

  • Image for Avi Shua

    Avi Shua

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Orca Security

  • Image for Jeremy Turner

    Jeremy Turner

    Deputy CISO & Senior Cloud Security Engineer


  • Image for Andy Ellis

    Andy Ellis

    Advisory CISO

    Orca Security

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